Two former police chiefs are fired for alleged involvement in rioting

Between Friday and Saturday, police began sanctioning and purging chiefs and officers for allegedly involved in the rioting and burning of the Whiplash and the 2019 crisis. Former Police Commander, General Yuri Calderón, and Former Commander of the The Cochabamba Police Tactics Unit (UTOP), Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Flores Calderón, has been released from Verde Olivo.

The government minister Eduardo del Castillo was responsible for announcing the final dismissal of General Calderón through a message on the social networks.

“I am informing the Bolivian people of the final dismissal of the former general of the #bolivian police, Yuri Calderón, for violating Law 101 of the disciplinary regime of the police,” wrote Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo when announcing the police dissolution.

The La Paz Police Disciplinary Court reportedly announced the resignation of Evo Morales as President on Friday 3rd.

The administrative decision of the Police Court of La Paz reads: “Adoption of a sanctioning decision on the withdrawal or permanent withdrawal from the police authority without registration rights against General Vladimir Yuri Calderón Mariscal for the transfer in Article 14, paragraph 10 and Article 12, paragraph 3 of Law 101 of the disciplinary regime of the Bolivian Police, the parties will be notified by this Administrative Decision in accordance with Article 93 of the aforementioned regulation.

Article 14 (serious misconduct or permanent discharge) in paragraph 10 states that “serious misconduct punishable by withdrawal or permanent withdrawal from the institution without the right to reinstatement, without prejudice to criminal measures, if necessary inciting or conducting riots, strikes”, suspension or interruption of the service, as protest actions or pressure measures ”.

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Meanwhile, Art. 12 number 3 of the ordinance recognizes as a serious criminal offense “the formulation of oral or written collective applications that lie outside the law and violate internal rules, that change the discipline established by regulatory norms or that skip the rule”. Management “.


Lt. Col. Flores Claros is one of 26 police officers denounced by Deputy Decolonization Minister Pelagio Condori for ripping off their uniforms and burning the Whipala and promoting the 2019 uprising.

“The disciplinary regime of the Bolivian police dictates sanctions against the Tcnl. Nelson Flores Claros for committing the very serious offense provided for in Article 13, paragraph 15, and Article 14, paragraph 3, and paragraph 10 of Law 101, which imposes on him the maximum penalty provided in Article 14 of Law 101, that is: Final Discharge from the institution without the right to reinstatement ”, indicates part of the decision of the police court.

Article 13 states: “Serious offenses punishable by a temporary departure from the institution with loss of seniority, without a one to two year salary, without prejudice to criminal prosecution, if applicable: (15) Encouragement of the organization or form part of lodges or organizations, which violate the interests of the institution, society or the state.

However, paragraphs 3 and 10 of the decision also refer to Article 14, which deals with serious offenses with deprivation and final deprivation.

Article 3 states: “In public acts, national symbols, the institution or the police uniform are dishonored.

And 10: “Inciting or leading a riot, strike, suspension or interruption of service as a protest or pressure measure.”

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The Vice Ministry of Decolonization accused Flores of being the leader of the police uprising during the social and political crisis of November 2019, based on videos from the period, in particular one in which the then commander of the UTOP appreciated the support of the population … for not having left her.

Further processes

The deputy minister confirmed that the preliminary investigation through which both people were released is “for failure to comply with the provisions of Law 101”.

The remainder of the 20 defendants identified in Tarija, Santa Cruz, Potosí, Sucre and La Paz “will continue processing” and will also initiate proceedings through normal criminal channels “because it was determined that the It has one Commission. Crime, “added Cox.


The former leader of the Guadalupe Cárdenas Police Women, via her social networks, questions the determination to fire Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Flores Claros, who is now sadly defenseless and abandoned.

“Bolivia, the police family is very sad because of your silence (…), they have fired our hero, Tcnl Nelson Flores, who supported his people in Cochabamba,” he says.

He adds that there are other officers going to jail for turning their backs on the people and leaving them to Evo Morales’ militia.

“You ordered the massacre of the Cochabamba people with pillory sticks, do you remember? Now they have fired him for doing what the CPE says and protecting the integrity of the people, ”he says, indicating that he will now be left alone.


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