Two cities require a vaccination card for procedures and events

El Alto and Santa Cruz municipalities announced yesterday that they are working on regulations to require vaccination cards against Covid-19 from people performing community procedures or visiting crowded places.

El Alto Mayor Eva Copa stated that the vaccination card will be mandatory in all decentralized units of the municipality, as well as for the parents of the schools returning to the mixed class, the drivers and the union sector.

Meanwhile, despite more than 200 Covid-19 cases daily, the Santa Cruz metropolitan area decided to suspend the dry law and require a vaccination card for entering some places and public facilities in an effort to revive the economy.

This region exceeded 50 percent of people vaccinated against the virus with the first dose and they expect to exceed that number with the full schedule by September.


Meanwhile, on the second day of vaccination with the second dose of the Sputnik vaccine, the queues and protests continued in some cities across the country over the disorganization and lack of doses. On other points, they reported an absence of citizens.

In La Paz, blockades were registered denouncing the fact that the health service of the department (headquarters) did not distribute the required amount of doses, especially at the vaccination centers for insured persons. One of these lockout points was installed on Indaburo Street, where 160 vaccines were distributed to at least 200 people, according to a report by

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The Manco Kapac Polyclinic, which is dependent on the National Health Fund (CNS), also had problems due to a lack of vaccines.

In the town of El Alto, the lines marked half the day at the two vaccination sites.

However, Santa Cruz was another department with problems due to the lack of vaccines. The Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University vaccination center was paralyzed for nearly three hours, causing discomfort in more than 30 older adults waiting for their vaccination schedule to be completed, El Deber reported.

Tarija headquarters also reported a shortage of cans and asked the population to be patient so that more batches could arrive for the weekend.

In Chuquisaca, vaccination with the second Russian component began yesterday, but with problems in the system that delayed the start of vaccination at one of the massive points.

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Meanwhile in Cochabamba there is still the absence of people at the vaccination sites for the second dose. The Senator of the Citizens’ Community (CC) Guillermo Seoane reported after an inspection of the vaccination station installed at the exhibition center in Cochabamba that only 17 people were vaccinated on the first day and yesterday there were 100.

They urge people to get vaccinated

Deputy Minister for Health System Management Alejandra Hidalgo reported that of the 125,460 second doses of Sputnik-V vaccine distributed across the country, 8,894 were given on the first day of resumption of vaccination, the batch.

The authorities are calling for their scheme to be completed and the infections contained.

Eight vaccination centers were set up in the cities of La Paz and El Alto; in Cochabamba there are more than 30 points available to ease the population; In Oruro, more than 10 positions, Chuquisaca has three exclusive points for the second dose of Sputnik V, and in Tarija there are six.


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