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After former President Tuto Quiroga upheld the final decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to re-elect the president indefinitely, he took the view that various previous agencies were responsible for advocating the change of name from Evo Morales to Year 2019, which later led to the 2019 crisis.

He mentioned, for example, the group of former MPs of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), who in 2017 filed an “abstract unconstitutional complaint” against five articles of the Electoral Act and the inapplicability of four articles of the State’s Political Constitution.

He then quoted the former judges of the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) who gave the go-ahead for constitutional sentence 0084/2017, which allowed Morales and former Vice President Álvaro García and all elected authorities to repost.

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Quiroga took the view that the former members of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) were also responsible for calling a constitutional referendum in 2016 on the reform of Article 169 of the state’s political constitution, the no to the indefinite re-election of the ex. said -President.

“You are responsible for the crisis Bolivia went through when hundreds of millions of Bolivians spent in an election where a fraudulent candidate like Evo Morales cheated,” he added.

He is therefore of the opinion that “hopefully one day” they will be able to answer for their actions in front of the country.

Quiroga reflected that various agencies such as Bolivian Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Héctor Arce Zaconeta and Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo had admitted that it was a “mistake” by Morales and added that it was not only is, but also “unconstitutional and illegal”.

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