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After the version circulated that the Inter-American Court ruled that indefinite re-election was not a human right, former President Jorge Tuto Quiroga implied that it was a “draft” and asked to be patient for the official verdict.

“Before” draft “, which circulates in numbered lines, without date or reason, I ask Bolivia for patience. Re-election cannot be a human right,” Quiroga posted on Twitter.

In its last session, which ended on June 25, the Inter-American Court of Justice discussed the question of unlimited re-election as part of an opinion requested by Colombia.

Since then, the decision was expected to be published, until this Thursday several media outlets released a document attributing it to the Inter-American Court of Justice, stating that indefinite re-election is not a human right protected by the American Convention on Human Rights (Pact of San José).

It was reported from the communications department of the Inter-American Court of Justice that the opinion on the subject of unlimited re-election has not yet been communicated or published.

In the meantime there have already been reactions in this regard, such as former President Carlos Mesa, who suggested that Evo Morales be prosecuted for “circumventing” the 2016 referendum, or Justice Minister Iván Lima, who pointed out that this problem had already been resolved in Bolivia convening elections in 2020 that prevents more than one re-election.


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