TSJ calls for the GIEI report not to be politicized and announces

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Ricardo Torres Echalar, described the final report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) on the tragic events in 2019 as “comprehensive” and said that it will help prosecute the trials, so that there is no impunity.

“It is a comprehensive report, it is worthwhile not to pollute it with political issues. (…) This report can serve the country to calm down and to follow up the processes to be carried out. All recommendations are comprehensive “I think we owe it to them. Institutions assume so,” Torres said at a press conference in Sucre.

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He stressed that this institution would implement all recommendations in the report so that the Supreme Court, in coordination with the executive and legislative assembly, would work to carry out a “deep” judicial reform that would guarantee its independence.

“It is up to the judiciary to work on a profound judicial reform, which is obviously accompanied and coordinated as the political constitution of the state foresees, with the executive branch and the legislative assembly,” he said.

Echalar assured that all acts of violence listed in the GIEI report will be resolved so that judicial officers will also be investigated and, in the event that someone has acted as an accomplice, they will be brought before the law.

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“We understand that the facts set out in the Expert Group’s report cannot go unpunished. If there have been judicial officers who have acted as accomplices with irregular facts, violating human rights and due process, they must be investigated.” like any other citizen, nobody is above the law or the political constitution of the state, “he said.

The expert group will meet with members of the Supreme Court to present the report and make their recommendations.


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