TSE member thinks an examination of the electoral roll is optimal

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Rosario Baptista, believes that a global check, or a review of the electoral roll index, is optimal at this time of parliamentary and departmental and local authority elections.

“That would be ideal. I don’t know if, as part of the review period or a simple review of the index lists, it is the data that we have entered on the electoral roll that could give us some certainty about the integrity of the register, “said the authority in relation to the register, so the Citizen Observatory of Democracy (OCD).

He added that there are several mechanisms that should be used to instill confidence in citizens that it is like “cleaning the house after the party,” says Baptista, to point out what it is like to have the institution after each To order electoral process.

“It would allow purification due to any kind of susceptibility (which) might be considered biased in some way, or any kind of interference with the registry. They are mechanisms that are not complicated, their application should not pose a problem and we should adopt them as common practice after each choice.

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The distrust of the electoral roll is not new, it comes from multiple electoral processes; A comprehensive review was systematically requested, including a thorough cleaning and that this process would give the citizens confidence.

“It exists in different laws in different countries or states within states that apply as the standard transparency rule. It shouldn’t be part of any special regulation or additional provisions, ”he said. On another topic, when asked whether the compensation criterion should be integrated into the seating system in order to make the distribution more equitable, Baptista said that “we have to wait for the new population and housing census” in order to redistribute the constituency.

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Former lawmaker and political scientist Erika Brockmann has drafted a series of reforms to the electoral system. Among them, the replacement of the remuneration system stands out in order to avoid an overrepresentation of rural areas, which became clear in the last elections of the departmental authorities.

Former congressman and political scientist Jimena Costa analyzed the electoral concept in the allocation of seats and identified “distortions” due to the application of the D’Hont formula and the lack of a “compensation” system. In this regard, Baptista insists that this whole matter be subject to the results of the census. “At the moment we have seen that readjustment is needed, but the element that will guide this discussion is undoubtedly a new census,” he said.


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