TSE member says the only recovery in democracy was in 1982

Faced with the government’s version that the MAS had restored democracy, Vice-President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Nancy Gutiérrez, assured that the real conquest of democracy would be 1982.

“Above all, from the experience in the mining centers, I saw how they fought for democracy, I also pointed out how four women miners started the restoration of democracy, but what situation, a situation of a real coup d’état,” said the electoral authority.

He compares what happened in the years of the dictatorship and what happened in 2019 and asks: “Now tell me how many journalists are in exile, how many people are missing.”

“When we talk about restoring democracy, I think that’s the milestone in history (1982) because there was an all-out coup there: there are people who have disappeared by now, in the mining centers, not to mention them . ” it, “hero.

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“Well, if someone tells me the latter, then democracy has recovered; there was a break, it’s true, it’s a milestone, a milestone that marked the break of 2019, that’s why we’re here, they’re just milestones “.

“From then (1982) until today they are simply milestones, from struggles, political struggles, ideological interests, obviously much larger (…) they are simply milestones,” said Gutiérrez.

It should be noted that former President Evo Morales, who resigned on November 10, 2019, the current President Luis Arce claims alongside the national authorities that “democracy has been restored” thanks to the social movements. A vision from the ruling party that supports their theory that what happened in the 2019 crisis was an alleged coup.

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“When I say it was a coup, if we remember the past, there was torture, there was disappearance of people, imprisoned people, journalists in exile, so I especially remember the arrival of Dr Democracy”) and I don’t remember seeing anything like it; Imagine, from El Alto to Pérez Velasco, full of people, people crying, crying because we could finally have democracy in the country, ”recalled the TSE Vice-President.

The month of democracy

This October 10th marks the 39th anniversary of the restoration of democracy.

In this context, the Plurinational Electoral Body (OEP) presented the activity “October, Month of Democracies”, in which 85 institutional actions will be carried out across the country, such as workshops, dialogues, forums, training rooms, exhibitions photography and campaigns on the subject.


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