TSE: counting minutes has no effect;  CC asks Chavez for a report

The recount of the election documents for the 2019 elections by the General Prosecutor’s Office has no legal effect, confirmed the President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Óscar Hassenteufel, yesterday.

The count was initiated by Wilfredo Chávez, now prosecutor and personal lawyer for former President Evo Morales, when he fled the country and was charged with several crimes on suspicion of fraud after the 2019 elections were canceled.

Hassenteufel confirmed that the examination of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s minutes could possibly have the effect “that the interested parties want to give it” and made it clear that this was not a matter for the TSE, according to a report by the news portal Oxígeno.

The election documents for 2019 can be found on the website of the Plurinational Electoral Committee (ÓEP) so that every citizen can access them.

“A basic principle has long been introduced in Bolivian electoral law: the exclusion principle, so that past acts, earlier acts, are no longer checked, they have no effect,” stressed Hassenteufel.

On Monday, the attorney general began recounting at least 35,000 records from the canceled 2019 elections to prove it was not a “fraud” but a “coup d’état” and to refute the Organization of American States (OAS) audit.

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In the meantime, the Civic Community MP Marcelo Pedrazas yesterday requested a written report (PIE) to Chávez to explain the legal basis for the “retelling” of the minutes of the October 2019 elections.

Pedrazas said that neither the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) nor Prosecutor General Law No. 064 have explicit powers for the Prosecutor General to conduct analysis, study or review of the electoral material of a process whose stages were excluded.

“We want to know what the prosecutor’s legal position is in relation to Law 1266 of the exceptional regime, by which he was called to explain in 2019, due to the electoral fraud committed by his client Morales. That they devote themselves to the work, that they stop confusing the population and avoid conflict scenarios, ”said Pedrazas.

Former President Carlos Mesa described the vote count of the canceled 2019 elections as a “caricature”.

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He protested that he would not have accepted the invitation that would have been sent to him to count the votes for the 2019 elections.

Mesa reiterated that the attorney general’s office was not empowered to investigate the polling area because that task would have to be performed by the TSE. He also thought it was crazy that such statements should be made after an audit by the OAS.

Chavez invites politicians

Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez repeated the public invitation to representatives of opposition parties such as the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho; Carlos Mesa, head of the civic community; Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Waldo Albarracín, among others, to take part in the “act by act” analysis of the 2019 election process of the Public Prosecutor General of El Alto.

The review will take place on the premises of the Prosecutor General’s Office in the city of El Alto, a place that has reserved seats for individuals and political actors who are indicting electoral fraud in 2019.


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