Training instructs the reinstatement of students who did not attend classes in the first quarter

Through an instruction, the Ministry of Education ordered the reinstatement of students who failed their first semester. The declaration is addressed to all district offices.

“In no case may the student be withdrawn from the SIGED for a justified or unexcused absence, but in order not to affect the quarterly report of the other students, the student who is absent for a longer period of time is deemed to be” student in tolerance “.”, indicates the instructions.

The entry of the first trimester classes must be made between July 13th and 19th in the stages of the initial training of the community families, the professional community elementary school and the productive community secondary level.

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If the integration does not take place after the end of the second semester, they are considered “retired”. It is the responsibility of the head of the classroom and the class teacher or study advisor to use whatever means necessary to get in touch with the student, mother, father or tutor explains the instructions.

It also adds that the first quarter was a leveling out and if for some reason the student failed, he’ll have to justify himself with the appropriate documentation.


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