Coca growers ask Tomasa to become an Adepcoca candidate and she replies that it will depend on the bases

Tomasa Medina, the Arapata coca producer of Afro-Yungueño descent who became known for the charisma she wasted during the Adepcoca conflicts, announced that she was not returning to her community because of the people of the Elena led group was threatened and will be Flores, ex-boss of the parallel association to MAS.

“At the moment I do not know when I will return to my community, sometimes I have no accommodation, a woman takes me in, takes care of me, she helps me financially with tickets and food because she had threatened me with another leader , not because of cowardice, but because of the institution’s defense, “said Tomasa.

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“You threatened me in my community like here, I noticed that from the people of the other leader of Mrs. Elena Flores and until now I am still in danger because of my participation, people are jealous of me, they annoy me a lot” , added in an interview with Chain A.

Tomasa’s videos and photos went viral on social networks by showing her dancing to the rhythm of a brunette for the police, for whom she herself set the lyrics to music. “Even though they’re riots, I still love them,” was part of the song, and according to Tomasa, the police liked it.

“Even though they cause us this damage, even though there are riots, I will not harbor any resentment or hatred and so my brothers are proud, I will give them this Morenada and I participated in front of the police,” he said.

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