Three former presidents urgently appeal to the judiciary and the prosecutor to kill Jeanine Añez.  to rescue

Three former presidents of Bolivia this Saturday urged the judiciary and the attorney general to take the necessary measures to preserve the life and physical and mental integrity of former President Jeanine Añez.

In a statement released by the civic community, former presidents Jaime Paz Zamora, Carlos Mesa and Jorge Tuto Quiroga confirm that the medical reports and moving images that have been circulated show the deteriorating health of the former president.

For this reason, they consider it “vital and urgent to review their legal position and take alternative measures that will enable them to defend themselves and uphold their right to health, life and integrity”.

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They warn that their imprisonment can have unfortunate consequences for them, their families and the country, and make it clear that human rights take precedence over all political disputes and that the state through its authorities is obliged to guarantee them to every citizen without discrimination of any kind .

The ex-presidents say they are making this humanitarian request taking into account the grave situation resulting from five months in prison on a fictitious “coup that never happened” allegation.

They also demand that international human rights organizations review the physical and emotional situation of former President Añez in order to take the steps to ensure the full enforcement of her human rights.

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