Third former official involved in the

Alan MR, former Department of Defense legal advisor, was arrested yesterday for crimes of negligence, tortuous treaties, and unconstitutional and unlawful resolutions in the tear gas case. The former official was responsible for the procurement process for counterinsurgency equipment with the intermediate company Bravo Tactical Solution, according to the Página Siete newspaper.

In May, the US Department of Security arrested former government secretary Arturo Murillo for the crimes of bribery and money laundering. This is because they made suspicious bank movements there to purchase non-lethal weapons.

The premium for this acquisition is estimated at $ 2.4 million.

Thereafter, the General Prosecutor’s Office reactivated the process and arrested Pedro RS, the former General Director of Logistics, and Martín LG, the former General Director of Legal Affairs. Both are in custody for criminal offenses, breaches of duty and wasteful behavior.

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Processed abroad

Arturo Murillo, Sergio Rodrigo Méndez Mendizábal, Luis Berkman, Bryan Berkman and Philip Lichtenfeld were involved in the bribery case and are being prosecuted in the United States.


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