Third and Jarjury quote Evo's sentences to defend themselves

Former military chiefs Gonzalo Terceros and Palmiro Jarjury presented the public prosecutor with a memorial for their dismissals in the “coup d’état”, to which they attached part of Evo Morales’ memoir and his statements on his resignation from the presidency, to show that The ex-President decided to resign in 2019 before the Bundeswehr’s proposal.

General Terceros was in command of the Air Force and Admiral Jarjury was in command of the Navy. Both were at the press conference at which the Bundeswehr proposed the resignation of Morales on the afternoon of November 10, 2019, and are now in preventive detention for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy in the so-called coup.

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The ex-commanders took a passage from the book We will return and we will be millions by Evo Morales in which the former president refers to the resignation decision and points out the following: “Well, I slept with a clear conscience, the decision to resign was a good one Calculation to avoid a slaughter. I quit on Sunday ”.

On the basis of this text, Terceros and Jarjury concluded that Morales decided to resign on Saturday 9th November, and therefore the proposal to resign on 10th November did not trigger that decision.

His memorial also transcribes part of the speech in which Morales publicly announced his resignation: “We are resigning, I am resigning precisely so that my sisters and brothers, leaders, authorities of the socialism movement will not be bullied, persecuted, threatened.

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I very much regret this bourgeois coup and a section of the police who interfered to undermine democracy ”.

The military noted that at no point in this speech did Morales mention or mention the armed forces as the predominant, predominant, or important factor in the decision to abandon his constitutional mandate.


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