They warn that people without vaccination pose a risk;  can generate variants

Despite the voluntary vaccination against Covid-19, the health risk comes to light that the so-called anti-vaccines do not vaccinate against the coronavirus. According to national authorities and specialists, those who do not get vaccinated can create new variants and, among other things, infect the vaccinated.

Health Minister Jeyson Auza, ahead of people’s decision not to have access to anticovid vaccines, pointed out that vaccination is not about ideological positions and that religious beliefs are respected, but that vaccination is not compulsory.

“We don’t want to refuse that, that’s not an imposition. In addition, the vaccination is still voluntary, there is no compulsory vaccination. And those who exercise their right to not be vaccinated must also exercise their duty not to wear any new variants or to infect those who have already been vaccinated, ”he said.

Although there are regulations that define “not compulsory vaccination”, experts see that people who do not get vaccinated represent an attack on health as they are potential carriers of the virus and in addition to the emergence of new variants.

“Unvaccinated people don’t just risk their own health. They are also a risk for everyone if they contract the coronavirus, “say infectious disease specialists.

Former deputy health minister and public health expert, Guillermo Accounts, assured that vaccination is the best alternative to fighting the coronavirus, as it has been shown that despite a higher number of infections, deaths are lower.

“The population shouldn’t get carried away or believe in all this pseudoscientific information, some of which is completely irrational, about anti-vaccine or anti-mask groups. The more unvaccinated there are, the more opportunities the virus will have to multiply, ”he says.

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In this regard, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health notes that “people who have not been vaccinated offer an opportunity for the mutation to multiply. As mutations occur in viruses, those that persist are the ones that facilitate their spread among the population. Every time the virus changes, it gives you a different platform to add more mutations to. Now we have viruses that spread more efficiently. “

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), five variants have been presented so far: Alpha, first discovered in the UK; Beta, found in South Africa; gamma, found in Brazil; Delta, originally in India, and Omicron, possibly developed in South Africa.

Despite the risk of unvaccinated people, there are no regulations punishing those who do not go to vaccination centers.


In this context, Minister Auza pointed out that there could be groups against vaccinations, but that there was the alternative of submitting a PCR test.

“It is a measure (the presentation of a vaccination card) that does not make vaccination compulsory, but tries to increase vaccination coverage if this decision implies that they can request the resignation, a measure that is health-oriented People is right, people started going to the vaccination centers, “he said.

Anti-vaccine movement presents popular action

Groups opposed to the anticovid vaccine have filed a popular call to action for Supreme Decrees 4060 and 4061, which require carrying a vaccination card or PCR test to enter crowded places. They are demanding guardianship and demanding their suspension.

According to the memorial, this appeal proposes “to clarify the scope of the supreme decree or, in the event of a violation of rights and guarantees (…), to change it or render it ineffective throughout the national territory. The requirement and the carrying of the vaccination card is synonymous with a compulsory vaccination and as a block of the constitutionality of human rights and as in the world order it is stipulated that the vaccination is voluntary and the tests must be presented to the various institutions and is daily activities of PCR or nasal antigen there is the inevitable duty of the state through its governors to make these tests available in an accessible, immediate, timely manner and free of charge.

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Resistance to the regulations is being pursued by some doctors, citizens of El Alto, Protestant churches, farmers and former union leaders.

They recalled that although the vaccine is not legally compulsory, it should be obliged to do so by supreme ordinances through the provision of a vaccination certificate.

Vice-President can be vaccinated under pressure

In the middle of cleaning an incense, Vice President David Choquehuanca received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The second national authority is self-vaccinating due to pressure from various sectors asking it to comply. “We have to protect our people with the two medicines: pharmacological medicine and natural medicine, ancestral medicine,” the government agency told reporters. Choquehuanca justified his late decision to get vaccinated with the fact that he had been infected with the coronavirus in mid-2020 and that he overcame it himself with chlorine dioxide and conventional medicine.


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