They take the authors of the $ 235,000 theft from the Porvenir Mineral Cooperative in La Paz.  fixed

Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo reported this Saturday that the alleged perpetrators of the theft of US $ 235,000 belonging to Cooperativa Minera Porvenir were arrested with firearms in a robbery in the municipality of La Paz.

“The amount that would have been stolen is $ 235,000, in this case we can determine that the man, Guillermo M., and his wife kept a large part of this money in their house, which was therefore on the roof of their house His wife was also arrested for the crime of serious robbery in the degree of the attempt, Ms. Rosario Ch. was also arrested, Grover Ll. O. was also arrested, ”he said at a press conference.

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He added that Messrs Julio HS and Yovana O. are on the run and are being investigated against several people because they knew about the economic movement of the mining cooperative.

“The attack originated from an ambulance with gunfire,” he said.

He explained that the Cooperativa Minera Porvenir collected the money every week and transferred it to the city of La Paz to later distribute it to all partners.

However, two members of the cooperative, Guillermo M. and Milton O., who were familiar with economic movements, contacted a third person by name, Grover O., he added.

“A fake lawyer and alleged legal handler who organizes an illegal gang to rob the mining cooperative’s accountant (…) and hire Peruvian and other Colombian nationals,” he said.

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The government minister stated that the detainees had a criminal record and two of them confessed to the crime and one kept his right to remain silent. However, the case has already been resolved and some of the money has been confiscated.


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