They spread the flag woven by Áñez in prison

Former President Jeanine Áñez has waved a Bolivian flag with the word justice on it since she was arrested. The work was revealed by his relatives through social networks.

“The flag of hope, the flag of faith, the flag of trust in God. Hand-woven by a ‘warrior of God’; for my dear sister Jeanine Áñez, from the place of her imprisonment ”, it says in the report published yesterday by Juan Carlos Áñez Chávez, according to the website.

Through relatives

On the other hand, a recent tweet from sñez ‘account makes it clear that the ex-president has no access to media. Therefore, the account would be managed by the family members.

“The messages in the RRSS of former President Jeanine Áñez express her thoughts and feelings as, since her unjust and illegal imprisonment, they have been transmitted by her relatives, who are the only ones who have contact with her. Make it clear that he does not have access to any means of communication, ”it says.

The former president has been held in Miraflores Prison for more than four months. She is charged with “coup d’état” and has four other complaints, including sedition and terrorism. The MAS in the Legislative Assembly also encourages accountability assessment.

Deterioration in health

According to Brújula Digital, former President Áñez suffered decompensation yesterday during the informative hearing (in the case of tear gas and other allegations) held at Miraflores Prison. The hearing was suspended after seven hours because of the apparent deterioration in Áñez’s health.


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