They reveal that García Linera has threatened third parties with

Former Vice President Álvaro García Linera communicated with then Air Force Commander Jorge Terceros on November 11, 2019 to threaten him and hold him responsible for “a massacre and death of hundreds of citizens in the city of La Paz” if the lawyer for the former commandant, Jorge Santisteban, revealed that he did not authorize a Mexican plane to fly over.

The data was presented by the former commandant’s defense at the precautionary hearing in which the ninth criminal judge found the preventive detention of both third parties and the former commandant of the Bolivian Navy, Admiral Gonzalo Jarjuri.

Santisteban stressed that García Linera called General Terceros at 4:30 p.m. on November 11, after Morales resigned as president, to threaten him if he did not authorize the overflight of the Mexican plane arriving in the country withdrawing authorities transfer in asylum status in Mexico.

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“Álvaro García Linera calls General Terceros and threatens that if he does not authorize the overflight he would be responsible for the massacre and death of hundreds of citizens in the city of La Paz, mainly in the southern area, that he was aware of they would dismantle social movements in order to commit this act of terror, “said Santisteban.

Following the resignation of Morales and García Linera, a wave of uncertainty and violence was unleashed in the country, led by sectors opposed to the resignation of the MAS leader. Police units were burned down in El Alto, including the Pumakatari buses, the house of the former UMSA Rector Waldo Albarracín.

Terceros’ attorney pointed out that neither Morales nor García Linera were defenseless because they still communicated to issue orders after they resigned.

“From 6:30 in the morning General Terceros receives a call from Evo Morales himself, who has already resigned, and asks him to authorize an aircraft to fly over from Mexico, precisely for its evacuation, on the 11th. He was not defenseless”, said the lawyer.

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On the other hand, he denied that Jorge Quiroga had given General Terceros the order to instruct Morales, García Linera and Gabriela Montaño to leave the hangars in the town of El Alto.

Santisteban also said that Morales did not appreciate or disregard the proposal of the military high command headed by Williams Kalimán, but rather his social movements recommending his resignation.

“I would like to point out that Evo Morales did not live up to this proposal, as he himself announced his resignation on the same day after hearing the recommendations of the social movements – already mentioned by Dr. Vera – his colleagues and other leaders.


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