They reject Coimbra's motion to lift Coimbra's preventive detention in the process of forming a committee

The judge rejected the application for the removal of the preventive detention of the former Justice Minister Álvaro Coímbra in the context of the procedure opened before him to establish the Interinstitutional Committee for the Defense of Victims of Injustice on Political and Ideological Reasons.

Coimbra is serving preventive detention in San Pedro prison for this trial and the “coup d’état” case.

In the trial, Coimbra was charged with creating the committee whose aim was to help people persecuted during Evo Morales’ 14-year tenure.

The lawyer for the former minister, Luis Guillén, said that the Commission’s establishment was being investigated not in a criminal case but in an administrative one.

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She also claims that there is no report that Coimbra embezzled Justice Department funds for the Commission.

The lawyer argued that the procedural risks should be lifted, but the judicial authority found that the complaints persisted and denied the defendant’s request.

Coimbra was arrested in March for the so-called “coup” case. This other procedure was later opened following a complaint from the Ministry of Justice.


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