They refuse to allow those affiliated with the MAS to occupy the human rights assembly

National legislators and citizens’ platforms have, among other things, expressed their support for the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), Amparo Carvajal, and announced that they will not allow the parallel leadership of the government to take over the institution. They also denounced the group’s intention to avoid lawsuits against the government for violating rights.

Last Friday an apocryphal apdhb congress took place in the city of La Paz. On this occasion, Édgar Salazar, a sympathizer of the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), was elected President of the organization. He pointed out that the GIEI (Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts) had pointed to a “breakdown in the constitutional order” in its final report on what happened in the country in 2019. Aspect not mentioned in the document.

“We, with the Citizens Platforms and Conade, see that the government is creating parallelism, so we reject what is happening in the Apdhb, it has already done that with other institutions, but we support Amparo Carvajal,” said the MP from Community Citizens (CC) Alberto Astorga.

Meanwhile, Carlos Mesa, former president and chairman of the CC, called on his Twitter account to prevent members of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) from taking over the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights.

“The takeover of Apdhb by the MAS government would mean the disappearance of the only legitimate and national entity that defends human rights today and the death of one of the most important institutions for democracy. Bolivia must not allow this crime to be consumed, ”says the ex-president.


MEP Astorga, who coincides with Julio Alvarado de Conade, claims that the MAS ruler, who has already assumed the office of Ombudsman, “wants an assembly that bypasses them, hides them from the various criminal acts they are against commit democracy ”. . “.

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“We will tell the historical truth about the events from September to December 2019 in the country regarding the massacres, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity committed in the country because we saw traditional political leaders, in complicity with the daughter of woman Áñez, telling the international community a lie that there is political persecution in the country against those who have usurped the government in an unconstitutional manner, against those who massacred the Bolivian people, ”Salazar said in contact with state media.

“We can clearly see that this is an Apdhb that is related to the MAS and therefore, like the Ombudsman’s office, it will try to weaken and subjugate so that no one defends human rights in Bolivia. We are sending notices to international human rights organizations to warn of the MAS’s intention of destroying institutionalization, ”Alvarado said.

It is not yours

Carvajal, meanwhile, referred to the parallel policy that the building wants “something that does not belong to it and that has a record in internal taxes”.

“They are social organizations trying to draw parallels,” he said.

They are demanding redress to Carvajal

Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. there will be reparation for Amparo Carvajal in the facilities of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), in addition to a Cato reminder of human rights and the importance of their defense.

“Since 1971, for more than 45 years, he has been defending human rights in Bolivia, defending people who were persecuted during dictatorships, people who were persecuted during the neoliberal era, people who are being persecuted by the MAS government,” emphasized Manuel Morales, director of Conade. He reminded that they are supported by the various branches and other human rights organizations.

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He added that “a person like the one in Sucre, Édgar Salazar, who is in charge of the MAS, cannot come because she wants to lead the congregation. There has always been a group of unscrupulous people within the Apdhb who have seen that a lot can be done with human rights, especially Ms. Sonia Brito, deputy of the MAS and current ambassador.

He remembered that when Yolanda Herrera was there, there was already a Masista group that invaded the Apdhb infrastructure and worked as a parallel.

He also said that on several occasions shock groups on behalf of the Federation of Miners, Farmers, including the Bartolinas tried to take over the gathering.

Government defends parallel Apdhb

Deputy Bertha Acarapi (MAS-IPSP) confirmed that Luis Arce’s government respects the democratic decisions of the institutions and announced that joint tasks with the new guideline of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB) in favor of the Bolivians.

“As a government, we will coordinate with their leaders to undertake joint tasks for the benefit of the people and, in this case, for the defense of the human rights of the Bolivian people,” he said. According to Acarapi, Carvajal failed in his role as the main person responsible for defending and promoting human rights.


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