They ransacked the homes of the former head of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office's human resources department on a case of haunted objects

Prosecutors and police officers searched various properties of Antonio Parada, former head of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office of Human Resources, Tuesday to gather information on the case of the alleged 800 ghost objects.

According to the Unitel network, prosecutors are looking for documents and other elements to aid the investigation.

At least five properties were searched that day, one of which is on Armonía Street on Paragua Avenue, another in the Urbarí district, another in the fourth ring and on San Aurelio Avenue (gated community), according to El Deber .

According to preliminary information, Parada owns at least six properties. The whereabouts of the former officer is unknown.

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Yesterday, prosecutors issued an arrest warrant against the office of the former Santa Cruz mayor, accused of producing 800 phantom objects and causing economic damage to the state of 200 million bolivianos.


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