They ransacked Santa Cruz State University on corruption charges

The law faculty of the Autonomous University of Gabriel René Moreno was searched yesterday by the public prosecutor as part of a complaint about “phantom scholarships”. Three people are arrested.

Prosecutor Rose Marie Barrientos, along with a group of anti-corruption officers from the Special Unit against Crime, raided the faculty offices yesterday to investigate a complaint of alleged irregular allegations at the college.

Three people were arrested: Dennis Gil, chief financial officer of the law faculty, and Limbert (whose last name is unknown) are charged with receiving 3,500 Bolivians for alleged work grants, El Deber reported.

The police found in flagrante delicto the moment these people made the payment. The rector of the Uagrm, Vicente Cuellar, announced that he would become a plaintiff.

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“We’re collecting the information to find out if these people were administrators or students.”

“A mechanism was put in place to create the impression that certain students benefited from working scholarships. At that time they raised a sum of 3,500 Bolivians, only they gave the student 200 and the remaining 3,000 stayed with these people, ”said the head of the anti-corruption police, Saúl Salazar, about El Día.

Cuellar added that they will cooperate fully in the investigation and will not cover up any acts of corruption and that audits will also be carried out.


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