Ministry of Labor: Vaccination decrees cannot be grounds for dismissal

Politicians, executives and doctors rejected the government’s decision to suspend the compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 until January 26th.

Yesterday, through the Ministry of Health, the national government decided to postpone the obligation to present the vaccination card when entering public and private places and activities throughout the national territory to January 26th.

The mayors of La Paz and El Alto, Iván Arias and Eva Copa, respectively, criticized the government’s decision to postpone the compulsory vaccination certificate.

Arias on the one hand reiterated on Wednesday night that the government “instead of relying on the pressure of unconscious groups that do not love life, withdraw and the requirement of the vaccination card on the 26th. In addition to the formation of alliances with private parties and the Anticovid virus spread around the clock and across the country.

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Now is the time for the Mayor of La Paz to vaccinate more Bolivians against Covid-19. “Instead of pulling back on pressure from unconscious groups who do not love life and postponing vaccination card requirements, the government should increase vaccination points, form mass alliances with universities, private health centers, and vaccinate continuously for 24 hours,” he said on his Twitter account .

For her part, the mayor of El Alto, Eva Copa, considered the government’s decision to be incorrect.

“It’s a government decision, I don’t think it’s right, I’ll tell you because enough people have come to ask for vaccinations. We lacked a bit of organization with headquarters, but we met directly Voted.” with the Ministry of Health for the provision of vaccines, “said Copa.

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The mayor regretted that following the government’s announcement, queues at some vaccination sites had been reduced.

The former leader of Sirmes de Cochabamba, Carlos Nava, claimed in contact with Unitel that the government had given in on a measure necessary for the health of the population.

In addition, the Head of National Unity (UN), Samuel Doria Medina, stated that “it is unfortunate that the government has backed down on the decision to require vaccination cards” as “this critical moment called for clear action like this “. initially took over the authorities ”.


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