They protest in Miraflores prison and a senator condemns that the government mobilizes prisoners

Inmates of Miraflores Prison in La Paz protested tonight, pointing out the “favoritism” of former President Jeanine Añez. For her part, Senator Centa Rek denounced the government mobilizing inmates to inflict more psychological suffering on the ex-president.

“Jeanine, don’t lie,” read part of the inmates’ songs quoted by Unitel, while a group of relatives and activists held a vigil outside the prison doors demanding that Áñez start the trial at liberty after his decay Bless you.

In the face of the protest, Rek, quoted by the ANF, said that “these are being mobilized by the government, this is not just a movement of the detainees, but that the government is still trying to manipulate even the inmates to create abuse against Jeanine,” according to the statement that she does not have the right to report what she is getting is called torture ”.

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“The government is creating a political movement against Jeanine, violence against her from prison, which is an exacerbation of psychological torture,” noted Rek.

He said that in view of her already precarious situation, the government intends to further damage the ex-president’s health by instrumentalizing the inmates.

Already entered at 10:00 p.m., according to the report by Red Uno, the protests of the inmates and the vigil stopped.


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