They present a military battalion specializing in fire fighting

Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo today unveiled the fire-fighting multipurpose battalion of the 7th Division of Cochabamba as part of the prevention plan against possible burns in the dry season.

The battalion was organized for three months and consists of 350 members, including cadres and soldiers from the Army’s 7th Division who have been trained to deal with forest fires, droughts, earthquakes and landslides. It also has a helicopter squad and a water company.

Likewise, “the battalion has a reforestation and reforestation company on the job of reforesting 50,000 saplings for this management, which allows us to have areas of natural vegetation to stop the loss of the ecosystem and stop the deterioration of our department,” reported the Commander of the Seventh Division, Isaac Pérez.

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This team carried out a series of demonstrations after its presentation in the southern area of ​​the Alalay Lagoon.


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