They prescribe six months preventive detention for suspected attacking the La Paz mayor's office

The second investigating magistrate of the La Paz Departmental Court has ordered Lino CR, the prime suspect of the demolition near the La Paz mayor’s office, to be held in San Pedro prison for six months.

La Paz Municipality Legal Director José Gonzáles reported that the La Paz Prosecutor had charged the man with manufacturing, trafficking or possession of explosives, asphyxiants, etc.; Destruction or deterioration of state property and national property; and other chaos.

Gonzáles added that the precautionary hearing was closed at 9:30 p.m.

Mayor Iván Arias claimed on Thursday evening that the suspected perpetrator of the explosion in Colón and Mercado streets on July 1 participated in the attack on the office of the Mayor of Cotahuma, which was found to have been damaged after an operation against the previous day Lotter had taken place.

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“We are concerned, we remembered that days before we carried out an operation against Lotter, and I said that we may have denounced this to the police, but yesterday (Wednesday) the commandant (police general, Jhonny Aguilera) said that this is the same man who planted the same bomb in Cotahuma, ”confirmed the Mayor of La Paz in an interview with F10.


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