Opponents warn that the government is trying to create a new

The Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB) and the former vice-president of the MAS Concepción Ortiz separately requested the dismissal of the government minister Eduardo Del Castillo because he knew the sponsorship of the family and approved the former minister Arturo Murillo.

After Nelson Cox was dismissed from the post of Vice Minister of the Interior, the maximum peasant organization, through its Executive Secretary Omar Ramírez, described the appointment of Augusto Villarroel as an advisor in this post when he was an advocate for the family of. was former Minister Murillo.

Ramírez said that Cox did not enter into the contract, but that Del Castillo signed the contract so that Villarroel could become part of the legal team in this state portfolio.

“Nelson Cox is not the one who signed the contract, it is the same minister who signed the contract on Human Resources. So if Mr. Cox was fired, it means firing the minister because he knew which officer he was has been hired, “he said.

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Concepción Ortiz, former vice-president of the Socialism Movement (MAS), attributes these problems to “internal struggles” or “jealousy” between the minister and the former vice minister. However, he is of the opinion that if the Minister knew of the appointment, he too should be removed from office.

“If the minister knew about this attitude, he should suffer the same fate. The minister is the MAE, so he should be removed from office,” he said in a statement to Fides news agency.

He called for them to act to the same standard, that all be measured equally, and not just take action against former Vice Minister Cox, the former political leader said.

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Ramírez added that Del Castillo cannot act like “pilatos, hand washing” as if he was not involved in the hiring, adding that he could not be used as a “scapegoat” for a subordinate authority.

On August 5, 2021, a letter was sent to Minister Del Castillo with the subject: Application for the appointment of permanent staff. The note posted on Behind the Truth’s Facebook asked the owner of that office to “approve and direct the recruitment of new staff to the Vice Department of Home Affairs”.

The contract staff would be for professional position VI with a monthly credit of 11,362 baht, one of the charges related to Oscar Augusto Villarroel, who had acted in the past as an attorney for Murillo’s sister.


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