They plan to close the school administration in December;  Teachers ask for vaccinations

After a month of pedagogical rest, yesterday the students and teachers resumed educational activities in two modalities. The Ministry of Education plans to close the school administration on December 7th; Meanwhile, teachers are calling for vaccines for the sector.

Education Minister Adrián Quelca reported yesterday that recreation rooms have been set up for the expansion of pedagogical rest, so the plan is to finish school activities on December 7th to meet the 200 working days.

However, he pointed out that, as in other sectors, it is a “very flexible” situation cited by Erbol.

Likewise, Vice Minister for Regular Education Bartolomé Puma announced that students will have to take classes from Monday to Saturday from August to October.

“Lessons take place on two Saturdays in August, two Saturdays in September and one Saturday in October,” the hours and modalities of the lessons depend on the internal organization of each educational unit, he explained in an interview with Unitel.

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The educational break was extended twice due to the escalation of Covid-19 infections and the low temperatures. Originally the return to classes was scheduled for June 22nd, then it was postponed and rescheduled for June 28th under two modalities: blended and distance.


La Paz and Cochabamba urban teachers yesterday called for the government to comply with the Covid-19 vaccination for all teachers in urban and rural areas before returning to mixed classes as a safeguard against the virus.

Cochabamba Municipal Teachers Manager Norma Barrón regretted that vaccination does not even reach 50 percent of the sector with the first dose and less than 20 percent with the second. “Provincial teachers, graduates, will only get their dose according to the national schedule,” he said.

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Leandro Mamani, representative of the municipal magisterium of La Paz, said that only 3,000 of the 35,000 educators in the metropolitan area received the anticovid vaccine. “(The government) made us believe that the vaccine process would be successful,” he said.

Each region defines modality

Each venue will analyze the modalities of returning to class as there is still a cold season and they need to see to what extent entry and exit times can be made more flexible.


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