They pay homage to the heroes of the Chaco;  4 survivors left

The government today paid tribute to the heroes of the Chaco War in Villamontes on the occasion of the 86th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty with Paraguay on June 14, 1935.

According to journalist Jorge H. Quispe, there are currently four survivors of the war in Bolivia. There were seven ex-combatants alive by 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic cost three of them.

“We commemorate this date because the shooting ended in the Chaco War, a conflict in which thousands of compatriots defended our natural resources with their lives. We pay tribute to our heroes of the Chaco who gave us an example of love for the land (sic), “wrote President Luis Arce on Twitter. The president also attended the Villamontes event.

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The four survivors have already passed 100 years and are honored by the Senate, they are Emeterio Ernesto Talavera Choque (103 years old), Miguel Siñaniz (102), Samuel Chuquimia (104) and José Pradel Loayza (106).

Last week, Arce signed Supreme Decree 4520, which provides for a one-time payment of 15,500 baht to the four survivors of the Chaco War.

Between September 9, 1932 and June 14, 1935, Paraguay and Bolivia were the protagonists of a military conflict over control of the Chaco Boreal, an area that held oil reserves. It is considered to be one of the bloodiest wars in South America in the 20th century.

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