They make it clear that Fluron is not a new virus

Several countries in the region reported confirmed cases of Fluron, a mix of flu and coronavirus, in the past few days, and Bolivia yesterday reported a first death at Palmasola Prison in Santa Cruz with these symptoms. Experts attribute the increase in cases to this combination and made it clear that “it is not a new virus”.

Cases of Fluron were first detected in the United States during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Israel discovered its first case this year in an unvaccinated pregnant woman.

Two days ago, infectious disease doctor Carlos Paz reported that he had treated a patient in Santa Cruz who tested positive for coronavirus and influenza-type.

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Meanwhile, Santa Cruz Minister of Health and Human Development, Fernando Pacheco, stated that the detainee had both diseases at the same time and that he was also suffering from an underlying disease such as tuberculosis. The combination of these three diseases made the person’s health difficult and resulted in their death.

“A person who has tuberculosis, a person who has diabetes, a person who has rheumatism or some other disease can become infected with the coronavirus, and this association of these two diseases in the same person and at the same time can obviously be greater Cause symptoms. “And that is what happened in Palmasola,” he said.

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“It’s not a new virus, it’s not a new strain, it’s not a new disease; it is the association that the patient has the coronavirus and is also carrying another type of infection, be it flu or another bacterium “.


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