They maintain unemployment until the 1386 repeal and other laws are repealed

After seven days of pressure, the Pro Santa Cruz Committee decided yesterday to continue the strike until the repeal of Law 1386, the annulment of the legislative package is planned during this period and the 2/3 will be replaced in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

The president of the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo, demanded last night in a huge town hall in the roundabout of Christ the Savior that “the legislative package should be repealed and 2/3 should be planned”.

“We will remain vigilant against any attempt by the legislature to violate rights and our ongoing struggle, and the most important thing is to maintain the unity that is being built without exclusion and hatred,” he said.

Citizens are calling for the repeal of Law 1386 on the Strategy to Combat Legitimation of Illegal Profits, which requires a brief rule approved by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

Although President Luis Arce announced on Saturday that he would be repealed, the process must now continue in the ALP.

In addition to this ordinance, which “criminalized private property,” Calvo said, requests are made to repeal the package of controversial laws: Economic and Social Development Plan Act, National Statistical Information System Act, General Careers and Promotions Act

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Police, right of carriage in the armed forces, commercial register law and draft law for the creation of the plurinational service of fundamental rights.

The Potosí Citizens’ Committee (Comcipo) also decided to keep the strike going until the 1386 repeal.

“We continue to mobilize. We are officially waiting for Law 1386 to be repealed, we will not lift the mobilizations yet, as long as this situation does not arise, we will analyze what will happen, ”the President of Compipo, Juan Carlos Manuel, told the Unitel network.


The National Federation of Trade Unions and Traders will not lift the strike yet and will hold a rally in Cochabamba on Monday.

Union leader César González said the sector would march from 7.30 am because, in a state of emergency, “until the repeal, promulgation and publication of the short law of 1386 in the Official Gazette; because the government has lost its credibility with the people ”.

The transport from La Paz, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca interrupted their mobilizations. The authorities granted 72 hours to repeal. In the meantime, La Paz will hold a meeting to decide on action.


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Upon receiving the letter from President Luis Arce requesting the repeal of Law 1386, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly activated the mechanism to repeal it with a brief rule and called a session for today, Monday at 6:00 p.m.

Chamber of Deputies President Freddy Mamani stated that the sole purpose of the call was to discuss draft legislation repealing Law 1386 on the Strategy to Combat the Legitimation of Illicit Profits and the Financing of Terrorism.

House of Commons President Freddy Mamani said the session would be at 6:00 p.m. and it is estimated that the Senate will enact the regulations by Tuesday and can be promulgated the same day.


The parliamentarians of the “opposition” yesterday called for the restoration of 2/3 in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) to stop the passage of laws like 1386 that caused an indefinite strike in the country.

“The struggle of this people can only be consolidated when two thirds are restored. He told them: As far as parliamentarians can influence the laws in parliament, this is the only barrier for Bolivians to say that these expropriation laws against the guarantees and freedoms of Bolivians will not be re-approved, “said Senator Centa Rek of Cree.


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