They lift the roadblock in Yapacaní.  on

The residents of District 4 in Chore in the Yapacaní parish lifted the blockade that had been set up in the area due to the violation of obligations of the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC).

According to a public statement from the population of this district, it was reported that the measure was taken because the supply of house access covers was not met, the Mariscal Sucre school was paved, the incomes from the streets were improved with chapasphalt, a dock was created, breakers or speed reducers, Opening of return channels for light vehicles, completion of drainage channels on the south side and construction of pedestrian crossings in the Bolívar sector.

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According to an institutional note from the ABC, an agreement was reached after a dialogue with the neighbors and an interim room was set up until Friday, August 13th.

The ABC President Henry Nina is expected to attend this Friday.


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