They insist that Áñez is a victim of emotional torture;  Government denies

Former President Jeanine Áñez’s family and lawyer insist that the former President was subjected to constant psychological and emotional torture by state agents during her five months’ preventive detention.

Meanwhile, they deny this situation from the government and, on the contrary, affirm that Áñez has “privileges” in her capacity as a prisoner and that the family politicizes the situation of the former president and makes it a victim.

“Not only is he in poor health, he has also been mentally and emotionally tortured by the prison regime,” said Carolina Ribera, Áñez’s daughter, who was injured Saturday morning.

He added: “She is very tender, totally doped and sedated. My mother doesn’t remember what happened ”.

“Wrong,” replied Deputy Home Secretary Nelson Cox. “It’s a subject with political overtones, and it has to be said that way. I am very sorry that the family creates this sensitivity in the population, they harass themselves beyond what they are going through painfully because they are not the only ones who have been deprived of their liberty, ”he said.

Luis Guillén, lawyer for Áñez, meanwhile, recounted the situation the former president had been through since she was arrested in an operation led by government minister Eduardo del Castillo and police commander Jhonny Aguilera.

“We are talking about abuse by state officials, threats of lawsuits against their daughter, situations that are obviously torture, and that in the face of all this situation a person breaks down because they react the way the ex-president did,” he said.

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The lawyer added that the Prison Administration Directorate knew from the start that Áñez had an underlying disease and “more than five months later, he decides to hold a medical meeting to carry out the appropriate treatments, an issue we asked for . “

Requires hospitalization

The injury caused by former President Áñez was caused by a picture of severe depression and was ignored at last Friday’s medical session; According to the medical indication, the patient’s hospitalization now corresponds, said the ex-president’s doctor, Fernando Pavel Angles.

“The DSM-5 criteria for the psychiatric treatment of this form of major depression primarily correspond to a hospital stay in a psychiatric care center to initiate inpatient treatment. It is not my judgment, it is medical criteria that are carried out worldwide from a psychiatric point of view, ”the doctor clarified in an interview with Correo del Sur.

Áñez and his lawyers requested simple and legalized copies of his complete medical history from the prison authorities in order to know about the medical examinations they performed, as well as the complementary studies and assisted treatment

Yesterday afternoon, attorney Guillen took the ex-president’s health file with him on leaving Miraflores Prison, but claimed it was an incomplete and premature report.

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Former heads of state ask the IACHR for precautionary measures

At least 23 former heads of state and government yesterday urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to take precautionary measures for former transitional government president Jeanine Áñez after trying to damage her physical integrity over the weekend, according to ANF audit report.

Former presidents of state and government, part of the Democratic Initiative of Spain and America (IDEA), issued a health statement on the former president, who is imprisoned and charged with alleged crimes such as sedition, terrorism and conspiracy.

“The former heads of state and government who are signing this present call on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and its Executive Secretariat, Tania Reneum Panszi, to take precautionary measures, and on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to exercise their powers” swiftly and effectively to look after the former Bolivian leader’s rights to liberty, life and personal integrity, ”the document reads.

They point out that if the lack of humanitarian treatment expressed in their case is not corrected, “it will enable the Bolivian state and its government to be internationally responsible for the life and personal integrity of the ex-president “because they are deprived of liberty and subjected to his authority.


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