They form a parallel leadership of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights related to the MAS

Amid questions, human rights activists from the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) formed a parallel Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) on Friday that ignored the institution’s current head, Amparo Carvajal.

In a meeting outside the Apdhb building and without the legitimate convocation, Édgar Salazar, identified as a MAS fighter, was elected president of this parallel instance and Sebastián Condori remained in the vice-president, allegedly a representative of the city of El Alto.

“The Permanent Human Rights Assembly elected its new board, I was honored and elected President of this institution, and the departmental assemblies attended that meeting,” Salazar said.

The event took place at the invitation of Salazar himself and was attended by militants from the ruling party. The auditorium of the brand new Miners’ Union building supplied by President Luis Arce was the place where this meeting took place.

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