They find the 13-year-old girl lifeless who was washed away by the Piraí River

After a 16-hour search, government officials, community officials, police and rescue workers found lifeless Leydi Teresa RS, 13 years old, who fell into the Piraí River yesterday afternoon.

“The neighbors told us that they had seen a body in the river, we broke into the area and in fact there was the body of the girl who slipped yesterday, specifically through the Plaza de Los Próceres,” reported the head of the urban emergency room, Alis. Flores, in contact with Notivisión.

“According to the family of the 13-year-old minor, the accident happened on Wednesday afternoon when Leydi was walking with a friend near the river, she slipped and fell into the swollen river bed of the Piraí,” said the daily El Deber.

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