They extend the examination to hierarchical commands through phantom elements in the CNS

During the investigation into the “ghost contracts” uncovered at the National Health Fund (CNS), prosecutor Lupe Zabala reported this Friday that the investigation had been expanded to include “hierarchical orders” that the company had in 2020, the period to which the corresponding irregularities.

“They are the managers, managers in relation to human resources and general administration of the National Health Fund in Management of 2020,” Zabala said in an interview with Erbol’s La Mañana en Directo program.

He pointed out that the testimony of these people will be recorded as investigated in this case.

In other statements to the media, Zabala mentioned that the judge of the case had already been informed of the expansion of the investigation against a former director general of the CNS, which he was exercising in 2020.

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He said that this person was being investigated for giving instructions to start recruitment procedures.

The public prosecutor said that in this case, someone between officials and former officials would be investigated, three of whom were already in preventive detention.

Among those involved is Antonio Parada, who is also involved in the Santa Cruz “ghost” item and from whom the Department of Public Affairs expects official information about his whereabouts.

Regarding the modus operandi, Zabala stated that the documents that job applicants left behind were used indiscriminately to register contracts with their identities.

He pointed out that the pay slips had forged signatures.

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