Ex-President Áñez injured himself, police will step up surveillance

Marcelo Valdez, lawyer for former MP Lidia Patty, said that the case against former President Jeanine Áñez for the alleged crime of political violence had been expanded and announced that further extensions would be analyzed after the report was submitted the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI).

“The first that was presented is for the (alleged) crime of terrorism, sedition and that continues, (…) it is now being expanded because of political violence, precisely because she was not allowed to exercise her position as a deputy at these moments of the ‘coup’. There was political violence, which Adriana Salvatierra also noted in a video and she is not allowed to enter the palace, besides, this is typical in the criminal code and these crimes are in the process of enlargement “, informed Valdez ANF.

Presumably, former MP Patty was not allowed to exercise her office as legislator during the political and social conflicts in the country in November 2019. She stated that the application for extension was presented on Monday and at the same time accompanied by a memorial to the public prosecutor for the former Ombudsman and current governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, to testify in the Santa Cruz department and not necessarily move to La Paz, since he is the main culprit of the “coup” case.

“A memorial was also registered (sic) in which Camacho is asked to testify in Santa Cruz in order to make it more pleasant, also for his work and to testify about the events at that time and always under the presumption of innocence,” he said .

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He anticipated that new situations such as “summary executions”, alleged crimes against humanity – which appear nowhere in the report – and others would arise in the GIEI report, and analyzed new expansion complaints in this context. Valdéz said that a technical analysis was being carried out together with several deputies because many victims would have to be made, such as the relatives of the former MP Víctor Borda, who would have been persecuted in 2019.

“We’re doing this as private prosecutors, but the one who really should be doing it ex officio is the prosecution and the attorney general and the Justice Department, currently there is no person on this case, it has not been communicated or syndicated to many authors,” added .

The GIEI presented its report on the events of the last four months of 2019, moments when the country was going through a political and social crisis, found deficiencies in the independence of the judiciary during the investigation and recommended that the report not be used to identify Use culprits and blame them.

Former President Áñez is in preventive detention after former MP Patty was charged with alleged crimes such as sedition, terrorism and conspiracy. However, he already has seven cases against him, three in criminal cases and four liability cases pending approval by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP). In addition, the prosecution filed a petition for indictment to initiate liability proceedings against Áñez in connection with the acts of violence in Senkata and Sacaba; and now an extension is being made because of political violence.

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Carolina Ribera, the daughter of former President Áñez, reported in CNN’s Conclusions that the catalyst for the crisis her mother suffered while attempting an assassination attempt was an announcement by a MAS MP against her daughter for failing to register donations when he was in charge of social management for the Ministry of the Presidency.

“She tells me that she doesn’t want to be a problem for us anymore, that she doesn’t want to see her children suffer and that this ends when she dies, that happened on Saturday,” said Ribera.

He assured that the ex-president was fed up with being “abused”, “indignant”, “abused” because the exhaustion situation was no longer physical, but psychological. “And what hurts the most and blew up on Saturday is that they want to bring me to trial,” he said.

He said that in addition to the “abuse”, he was given six months’ preventive detention and that the process had been divided into two parts. “You are being tried twice for the same crime and it is completely illegal and unconstitutional,” he said.

They claim from the government that Áñez is in preventive detention because of the risk of escape and that the decision whether or not to defend himself freely rests with the judiciary.


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