They estimate half a million Bolivianos lost from taking Adepcoca

The attorney of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca) of La Paz, Evelin Cossio, reported that they had filed a criminal complaint against Arnold Alanez for serious robbery because half a million Bolivians had been lost in 15 days after the institution was taken.

“In the 15 days in which the Coca Leaf Producers Division was incorporated, about half a million Bolivians were inflicted economic damage, about 20 computer devices were stolen, printers were stolen. Photocopiers, respirators were stolen, dynamite was put into them Doors stuck, ”said Cossío.

Regarding the intention to create another coca market, the lawyer pointed out that the Adepcoca general meeting on October 5th decided to fire Alanez and Armin Lluta as representatives of the coca growing institution and a new election.

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Therefore, any act carried out by these people on behalf of Adepcoca is illegal.

The leaders warned that producers would forward their protests to the Ministry of Rural Development and the Deputy Ministry of Coca if another coca store opens.


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