They deny Áñez freedom and she accuses the government of lying

After a four-hour hearing, the seventh investigating judge, Luis Fernando García, rejected the application for the suspension of preventive detention in favor of former President Jeanine Áñez in the “Coup I” case. The ex-president condemned the government for telling lies to the UN Committee against Torture (CAT).

The judge believed that the procedural risks persisted, so he decided to ratify the preventive detention of Áñez, who is still being held in Miraflores prison.

Before Áñez found out that the hearing had been broken, ñez denounced that Deputy Justice Minister César Siles had blatantly lied to the UN CAT when he referred to his case and arrest.

“The representative of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the lawyer César Siles, Vice Minister of Justice, lied blatantly when he said that I, Jeanine Áñez, had not yet been arrested and imprisoned for sedition and terrorism, that this is not the case” it is in force to this day and my imprisonment is due to the crime of opposing decisions, ”he said.

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Duplicate process

The former agency said the lawsuit against her had been “engineered” and she had been in custody since March 13 on unproven allegations. She reiterated that she was a “political prisoner” and called for her freedom to be returned.

“I want to say that I have been in detention since March 13th of this year. (…) I am a political prisoner and I want my freedom to be returned to me, ”he added during the hearing, asking for his release from preventive detention in the event of terrorism and sedition.

On November 25, the committee’s president, Claude Heller, questioned the Bolivian state that Áñez would be charged with the crimes of terrorism and sedition if observed because of their vague definition.

However, Siles admitted in the first session that Áñez was charged but “paralyzed” with terrorism and sedition.

She also pointed out that the trial of Áñez was in the preparatory phase and that the charges were based on a review of crimes she had committed as a senator.

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The case against Áñez for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy is framed in the “Coup I” case, while the crimes of unconstitutional resolutions and breaches of duty in the “Coup II” case, for which the ex-president has already made a formal charge. In both proceedings, his preventive detention was ordered.

In addition to the Committee against Torture, other international organizations have questioned the former president’s detention.

Cases of coups I and II

Áñez was arrested in March this year and charged with the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy. His preventive detention initially lasted four months while the investigation continued, then it was extended to six months, after which the judiciary added another five months in October.

Even if Áñez’s freedom had been established in this case, the ex-president would have remained in prison as she is also being investigated in the “Coup II” case, in which the crimes of unconstitutional resolutions and non-governmental homework compliance are concerned.


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