They denounce the use of government assets in the production of a video for Evo.  at

Citizen Community (CC) MEP Luciana Campero yesterday denounced that a foreign production team had used at least four aircraft from the Bolivian Air Force (FAB) to film a documentary about former President Evo Morales.

This is the fourth complaint in six months involving former President Morales in the use of state property. On March 1, it was reported that a private plane carrying Morales landed at Chimoré military airport, which has been closed to private operations since 2015.

On March 2, Morales was charged with using a government-owned vehicle to make his rendition.

The third complaint was made on August 7th about the use of a FAB plane to Tarija by the ex-president. MAS MPs said the flight cost 10,500 Bolivians and was paid for by Tarija mayors and councilors.

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Lawmaker Campero doubted the Argentine actor Julián Gil was involved in the trips in military aircraft, which he believed should be used for other purposes.

“His production team would have needed between four to five planes to make the trip from Santa Cruz to Chimoré,” he told Erbol.

Lawmakers assured that the evidence available was “very strong” and reflected the irregular use of FAB aircraft.

“The government’s stance is reprehensible and we hope that both the Defense Department and President Luis Arce will have their say in the afternoon,” he added.

Yesterday, neither the government nor the Ministry of Defense responded to MP Campero’s complaints.

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Ships are for other purposes

Rep. Luciana Campero said that one of the aircraft was proven to be the FAB-408, but the detail of that engine is that it would have been confiscated and was operating in Chimoré at the time.

The MP claimed that the FAB planes are for one purpose, which is to combat drug trafficking, and not for other types of situations, such as making a documentary, that will not benefit the Bolivian people.

“These planes are for the fight against drug trafficking. How can you get a production team to do a documentary about Evo Morales, ”he asked.


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