They denounce the dismissal of an officer who reported Evo's trip on an FAB plane

Tarija’s Director of Airports Management and Air Navigation Auxiliary Services (Aasana) was removed from office two days after reporting on former President Evo Morales’ trip on a Bolivian Air Force (FAB) plane.

The representative of the community, Luciana Campero, denounced that the airport manager had surprisingly changed on Monday, just two days after she had reported the controversial flight.

“We have shown that Evo Morales’ FAB flights have made their first casualty since the airport manager was changed in the department on Monday two days after the incident. What alarms us is that they are spending our money on our flights. They show contracts that say there is an invoice and others that say there is no invoice, ”he told Cadena.

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The deputy did not reveal the name of the former airport manager, but did mention that the new head of this office is Víctor Tejerina, who confirmed the deputy change.

The national head of the MAS traveled on a FAB plane last week to attend an event by his party in Tarija that sparked criticism from opponents.

The MAS claimed the trip was paid for by “contributions” from the militants and cost 10,500 Bolivians.

The controversy was fueled when it became known that the FAB 050 aircraft had been destined for Beni as an ambulance since 2015.


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