They denounce that the Sernap

The National Coordinator for the Defense of Indigenous Peasant Areas and Protected Areas of Bolivia (Contiocap) and the Bolivian Association of Park Guards and Nature Conservation Agents (Abolac) condemned that park rangers affiliated with the government and Sernap have founded a parallel organization with the aim of assigning the category of protected areas all reserves that show this quality.

Contiocap announced that it would give the lawful, legitimized and democratically elected board a “blow” on November 9 for the management 2021-2023 within the framework of the Abolac statutes and regulations. Procedure in which Santos Mamani was re-elected.

They affirm that during his 2018-2021 term, Mamani has requested that the institutional framework of the body protecting the protected areas of Bolivia, as well as Abolac’s independence in relation to the interests of the Executive Director of SERNAP, Teodoro Mamani, be respected, “which has repeatedly complained Failure to fulfill the supervisory function (…) for the effective protection of the protected areas of Bolivia. “

Despite the existence of the minutes of the electoral process dated December 15, the park rangers associated with the ruling party, along with officials from the National Protected Areas Service who accuse “illegality”, illegally proceeded with the promises before Bendal, and a new parallel board of directors to choose from Abolac, “the statement said.

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According to the complaint, the benefits relate to the fact that the government offered the park rangers items, houses and uniforms. These offers promote the parallelism of the park ranger organization, which has the task of maintaining and protecting protected areas.

The park rangers also reported receiving threats if they were not hired in the next year if they did not vote in the parallel directive election; additionally with sanctions against the protected areas that do not send their staff to the event.

Contiocap and Abolac stated that SERNAP will present the parallel board of Abolac this Thursday “in an act of total interference”. Therefore, they asked the national authorities to investigate the possible management of public funds to transfer park rangers to the city of Cochabamba by air and land in order to issue an illegal parallel policy.

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They also condemned that the director of Sernap, Teodoro Mamani, had been ratified by a new government and that his mandate would be to complete the ultimate task of removing the category of protected areas from all protected areas in the country.

They remember that park rangers have an important mission, namely the ecological and social protection of protected areas. However, this encroachment is intended to weaken the resistance and vigilance of upright and suitable park rangers to protect protected areas; against the interests of the exploitation of the natural resources present in them; against the submission of invaders who intend to subjugate protected areas; and against irregular mining concessions that benefit sectors closely related to this government.

They called on the population not to remain passive about this “direct attack on the protected areas” of the country, because they are a natural and cultural heritage for everyone.


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