Áñez returns to prison after studying medicine and amid protests

Attorney Jorge Valda condemned this Wednesday that the report submitted by the government to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on the health and prison situation of former President Jeanine Áñez was falsified because it did not correspond to reality.

Valda questioned the government’s report on the alleged advantages Áñez had in his cell of infinite amenities and amenities, as well as the number of visits, which he reported was totally rigged.

“This is clearly false information, absolutely falsified and tends to be misinterpreted by the IACHR, since even public prosecutors, police or doctors would appear in the guest book as personal visits from Jeanine Áñez,” the lawyer told ANF.

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She pointed out that the ex-president’s defense is collecting information to compare with what the government has sent to the international organization and to identify the “falsehoods” that led the IACHR to refuse to Urging precautions for the ex-president because of her delicate health.

“We are preparing a full report in which we will establish and identify each of the falsehoods that have been made in the reports that the Bolivian state has sent to the IACHR,” he said.

He said that, among other irregularities, Áñez’s lawyer appears in the report as “a nurse as often as she would have been” to take care of the ex-president.

“This type of false and falsified data has been used by the government to achieve this biased and utterly misguided response based on the falsified information passed on by the government,” he said.

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He pointed out that this fact would be denounced before the relevant international bodies and institutions in the coming days.

The biggest and biggest problem for this, Valda identified, is that when the government gives information, in this case to the IACHR, it is not passed on to Áñez so that they can refute and prove that “the information has been falsified”. And it was precisely because of this situation that “the right to defense was already violated in an international instance”.


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