They denounce Pumari's disappearance;  official media say he is imprisoned

The Potosinian Civic Committee (Comcipo) condemned the disappearance of former Ombudsman Marco Antonio Pumari. Official media reported that in 2019 he would be arrested for the TED burning in Potosí and taken to the city of La Paz.

According to the complaint, Pumari’s vehicle was found on one of the streets of Potosí with the doors open and keys inside.

“We firmly reject the intervention of the police in Potosí and the arrest of Marco Pumari. With this act, the government of Luis Arce is taking a typical step for the worst dictatorships of the past, “wrote the governor, angering Santa Cruz Luis Fernando Camacho after learning of the possible arrest of Pumari.

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“This is a disastrous day for democracy and we must use it as a breaking point to encourage action of bourgeois and bourgeois resistance. We will not allow the Cuban Chavist methods to prevail in our homeland, ”he added.

Pumari’s disappearance was reported with an arrest warrant against citizen leaders following a raid on Compipo’s offices.

Although there had been no conflicts in the Villa Imperial for almost a month, police contingents were moved from six departments to Potosí on Thursday night, under the argument of “maintaining public order,” as a document shows that El Potosí was accessed has. The national authorities did not provide any information on this until the early hours of the morning on Friday.

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