They denounce an attack by an

A group of people belonging to the “anti-vaccine” movement attacked a coronavirus vaccination center for the El Alto regional health service, denounced Deputy Minister for Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María Renee Castro.

The event would have occurred on the afternoon of that Tuesday, when the mob marched to the vaccination center on the La Ceja junction, where health workers were performing vaccination tasks for the population.

The indictment of aggression was forwarded by the Departmental Service (Headquarters) to Castro, who argued that the mobilized even tried to steal the cans, destroy them and the materials used.

“The people who attacked this vaccination center attacked the staff, health workers, nurses and everyone in attendance who were vaccinated and vaccinate others,” said the deputy minister.

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The agency said it had pending a written report from headquarters to file a formal complaint about the incidents at the vaccination center in El Alto.


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