They demand that Evo Morales also investigate corruption cases

In light of the Santa Cruz parish corruption scandal involving 800 phantom objects, Sectors are calling for the government to regain resources for the economic damage recorded by other crimes committed as part of Evo Morales’ government efforts. The Gabriela Zapata case, for example, in which the state lost $ 500 million through irregular contracts with the Chinese company CAMC and the former president was free from guilt.

Among other cases of economic losses worth millions for the state, we can also cite the so-called Chinese barges, the Indigenous Fund, the payment to Quiborax for an international arbitration, Catler Uniservice and BoA Catering.

In the Zapata case, the ruling executive, legislative and judicial branch joined forces to extricate Morales from the Assembly to investigate the Zapata case, which did not involve those accused of influencing: Morales and the former minister Juan Ramón Quintana, and dismissed from any possible charge against the former authorities.

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The Creemos Bank submitted a communication log to the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies of the Attorney General (PGE) to report on the steps taken to reclaim economic resources from the contracts signed by CAMC and the state.

However, attorney Wilfredo Chavez was questioned because he was a lawyer for the Chinese firm that broke contracts with the Bolivian state.

“It should be remembered that the Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez was a lawyer for the Chinese company CAMC, which was observed by the Bolivian government between 2015 and 2016 for violating multi-million dollar contracts. In this context, a controversy arose about his incompatibility, now free to be designated as the authority of this institution because of his involvement in the Gabriela Zapata case, ”it says in part of the communication protocol.

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Other cases

On the Chinese barges, the Bolivian Shipping Company (Enabol) paid $ 29 million in advance to two Chinese companies for 16 barges and two tugs that never made it to the country.

Another case was the Army Construction Company (ECE) bankruptcy, which caused the state $ 40 million in damage.

Another blow to the Bolivian treasury was the loss of $ 46.6 million in international arbitration for the Quiborax case, and another $ 16.6 million for the so-called Catler Uniservice case.


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