They declare the unfounded appeal of Armin Lluta and set up their precautionary hearing for September 27th

The judge declared the incident of procedural errors raised by the defense of the President of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers of La Paz (Adepcoca), headed by Armin Lluta, to be unfounded and scheduled his precautionary hearing on September 27.

Evelín Cossio, attorney for the coca farmers’ leader, reiterated that the finding by the judiciary when it appeared on Tuesday indicated that a “typo” in the resolution of the formal allegation had typified the crime of falsehood, in fact, an investigation into failure to comply with defense decisions and unconstitutionality initiated.

“The judicial authority has not been able to explain to me why the resolution of the formal crediting made similar mistakes, but on the contrary limited itself to pointing out that it was a typo that the judicial authority made those mistakes,” he added Radio Yungas added after the hearing.

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Despite this situation, he reported that the Precautionary Measures hearing against Lluta will take place on September 27th, which could determine whether he will defend himself in freedom or be placed in preventive detention.

“I am innocent, I have never committed these crimes, Armin Lluta is not a criminal,” said the coca farmer leader, surrounded by a large number of producers who were on vigil in front of the Ministry of Justice.

According to Lluta, the aim of the trial against him is to behead him by the Adepcoca leadership and to impose a representative close to the government.


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