They criticize Choquehuanca and remind him that the Incas enslaved the Aymara

Harsh questions have been asked of incumbent President David Choquehuanca as his warnings “do not arouse the anger of the Incas,” suggesting he has not known the story since the Incas subjugated the Aymara. They also described his speech as dangerous because it did not take into account the plurinationality of the country, since Bolivia was not just the West.

“Everything has its limits. Do not arouse the wrath of the Incas. When the people rise, no one can stop us, and we will rise to defend democracy, to defend our natural resources. We will stay true to our change process and we have to wake up for it, ”said Choquehuanca in his speech on the anniversary of the dismemberment of Túpac Katari.

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They reminded Choquehuanca that the Incas destroyed, killed, massacred and enslaved the Bolivians from the west.

In December 2014, when he was Chancellor during Evo Morales’ government, he assured the press at a meeting: “I am the last Inca to really do research. I am a descendant ”.

“To invoke the Inca Empire at all times and argue that it is a descendant of those murderers, enslavers who humiliated and kneeled the Bolivian Aymara Collasuyo, is not a clear attempt to ignore the country’s very existence, not just to act by standing on the ground – an unruly explicit and overt ethnocentrism that speaks of racism and discrimination against the 37 Bolivian indigenous peoples? ”the historians reminded him.

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Lino Villca, founder of the MAS and former senator, regretted that Choquehuanca had stepped into this discursive line led by Quintana, Morales and others.


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