Fire in El Palmar reserve affects 1,000 hectares and mobilizes two helicopters

The Vice Minister of Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, confirmed this Wednesday that the fires that have broken out in the Chuquisaca department in recent days have been completely extinguished.

“The two fires in (the communities) Zudáñez and Presto are currently completely extinguished,” he said in an interview with Bolivia TV.

He claimed that the Forest and Land Surveillance and Social Control Authority (ABT) and the Presto Mayor’s Office had committed to investigate the origin of the fire in the El Palmar Integrated Management Natural Area.

“The fire has already been completely extinguished, there is no possibility of reactivation. The origin of the fire is being investigated. We notice the place where it originated; it has been ruled out that it can be traced back to natural causes; however, this is an issue that is in the hands of the ABT and the Presto government, who have promised to conduct a rigorous investigation, “he said.

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He pointed out that a quantification of the damage caused by the fire would be made, which would be announced later.

“The ABT is responsible for quantifying the damage through the Ministry of Environment and Water, but they are not to be taken into account, I can tell you,” he said.

Calvimontes pointed out that the fire reported in Zudáñez was checked and mitigated in good time, as the water source for charging the Super Puma was “closer” compared to the municipality of Presto.

He highlighted the coordinated work being done with city authorities, social organizations, volunteer firefighters, police officers and the government to fight these fires.

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