They confirm the arrest of Angélica Sosa

“The lady (Angélica Sosa) is being arrested,” said prosecutor Marcela Terceros, who was responsible for the case of the ghost objects, to say in contact with the Santa Cruz media that were waiting outside the doors of the Dockweiler clinic where the former Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Saw.

“What is certain and obvious is that they arrested her illegally,” said Sosa’s attorney Joadel Bravo, questioning the police officers who entered the clinic without a warrant.

The lawyer said the coroner had confirmed his client’s health.

“They have agreed that he will stay in the clinic for the appropriate assessments to be made,” added Bravo. He does not know how long the ex-authority will stay in the hospital.

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The public prosecutor’s office left the scene without further explanation and without reference to the state of health of the former authority, which suffered decompensation after hearing the arrest warrant against him.

“The case is in reserve,” repeated prosecutor Javier Cordero when asked by journalists.


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