Felcc hijacks spreadsheets, memos, and cashier's checks linked to the Ghost Items case

Santa Cruz Prosecutor Roger Mariaca reported this Wednesday that Mery Balcázar, wife of Cesar Herbas and charged with opening bank accounts at the Jesús Nazareno Cooperative for alleged ghost items belonging to the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, had been legally notified so that she gave their statement on January 10th.

“The hearing is scheduled for Monday, January 10, here in the public prosecutor’s office of the department (…) You (Mery Balcázar) is being investigated and will take on his technical and material defense in the criminal process in order not to violate constitutional procedures”, said the prosecutor at a press conference.

He confirmed that the accused and her lawyer had voluntarily appeared at the public prosecutor’s office and had been accompanied by a public prosecutor’s office as a legal representative.

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“Ms. Mery Balcázar also appeared spontaneously with her technical defense, who gave her presentation in accordance with Article 223 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,” said Mariaca.

He said that former Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office Protocol Director Eliane Saavedra and former Finance Director Manuel Medina had given their testimony as witnesses and that prosecutors would evaluate them.

“Yesterday (Tuesday), Mr Manuel Medina and Ms Eliane Saavedra (…) declared that this statement will definitely be evaluated by the public prosecutor,” he said.

He assured that further requirements would be made; but because of the reservation of the case, he waived details so as not to obstruct the investigation.

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Mery Balcázar is a former employee of the Jesús Nazareno Cooperative. She is accused of opening bank accounts for the alleged ghost items and distributing the cards. Balcázar is the wife of Cesar Herbas, who is accused of recruiting people for irregular items and who is in preventive detention in Palmasola prison.

As part of the investigation into the case of the ghost objects, three people are involved in preventive detention: the former mayor Angélica Sosa, Javier Cedeño and Julio César Herbas, former personnel officers. Also Guillermo Parada, who is in preventive detention in Panama for the purpose of extradition.


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